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    All Insync stock depends upon availability. We want you to be able to order and receive the products you love effortlessly, so we'll always aim to let you know if an item is out of stock.

    Now and again there can be an unexpected delay, if so we'll get in touch to let you know.

    We'll never stand in the way of you and your products so we make it easy to order online, we'll even hold items in the basket for 60 minutes for you should you temporarily leave our page!

    Find the products you want and add them to the basket. You can either carry on shopping or checkout if you've got everything you need. 

    If you have any addresses or payment options saved to your account then these will automatically display in the checkout, making it quick and easy to complete the order. Otherwise you'll need to enter the details manually.

    Check everything is correct and you're good to go! We'll send you an email as soon as the order is on its way.

    Absolutely! Click on the basket icon at the top of the page and you’ll be able to see the item(s) you have in there so far. 

    Use the + button to stock-up on your favourite items, or the – button if you’ve selected too many. If you want to remove an item completely then click the x button.

    Our Customer Service team is always on hand to provide support and guidance. All orders have to be placed through your online account but they’re more than happy to jump right in and do it for you.

    Head over to our contact page to get in touch with them now.

    Absolutely, you can select a delivery address at the checkout stage. Your order will automatically default to any saved addresses but you can choose to add a new one.

    The pictures online are purely symbolic and do not show the exact model. Please read the specification written out below the picture for full details of the model.

    We’ll send you an email as soon as it’s on the way! Or simply check your account to track it.

    Plus, we ship all items separately, making sure you get what you need as quickly as possible.

    Your account makes it easy to keep track of all your orders.

    Once you’ve logged in you’ll see each individual order that you’ve placed with us. Select the one that you want and discover all the information you need. 

    We’ll also send you an email as soon as it’s on the way! 

    Your account will show any previous orders you’ve placed.

    Click on the order you want to view to find out more. If the order has been sent tracked then you’ll be able to click through to track it from your account.

    The email we sent you regarding the dispatch of your order will also let you know when we expect the order to arrive.

    Not found the information you need? Send our Customer Service team a message while you’re in your account.

    We’re sorry to hear you want to cancel.

    Can we help with anything so that you don’t have to? You can contact our Customer Service team through your account.

    If not then select the order that you wish to cancel. You can choose to cancel individual items or the whole order. 

    We’ll send you an email within an hour to let you know if the cancellation worked. 

    If it fails, this is because the order is getting ready to be sent. Items that are in stock are processed quickly so that we can aim to get products to our customers without delay.

    See our Returns Policy to help you get the order back to us instead.

    Once you’ve placed your order we cannot make any changes to it. 

    If you want to try and cancel so that a new order can be placed, then you’ll need to log-in to your account.  

    Select the order you wish to cancel and you’ll see that you can choose to cancel individual items or the whole order.

    We’ll send you an email within an hour to let you know if the cancellation worked. Please don’t place a new order until you hear from us.

    Don’t worry, you can try and cancel the item in your account.

    You’ll need to click on the item and choose the cancel option. We’ll send you an email within an hour to let you know if it worked.

    If you can’t cancel then you can send the item back to us. Refer to our Returns Policy to find out how.

    Need some more help? You can send our Customer Service team a message while you’re in your account.

    We’re sorry that happened! We take pride in all our products.

    So that we can look into this for you, please contact us to tell us more.

    It’d really speed things up if you could find the information below before contacting us, don’t worry if you can’t though, we can help once you get in touch.

    1. Order Number

    2. Product Name

    3. Details of the fault

    4. Images that support the fault, if applicable

    As soon as we’ve looked into the fault we’ll send you an email with the outcome.

    We’re sorry to hear that, sometimes things can go wrong but don’t worry as we can help. Please send us a message through your account.

    We’ll need to know the following-

    1. Order Number

    2. Incorrect item received

    3. The correct item ordered

    As soon as we’ve looked into what’s happened we’ll send you an email with the outcome.

    We take pride in our products so we’re sorry to hear you’ve received your order damaged.

    Sometimes things can go wrong but don’t worry, as we can help. Please send us a message through your account.

    Please don’t throw the item away, we may ask for pictures of the damage to ensure we take measures to prevent it happening again.

    As soon as we know what’s happened, we’ll send you an email with the outcome.

    We ship items separately to make sure you get what you need as quickly as possible.

    Your dispatch confirmation email will list the items that have been sent. If the missing item is not on there then you’ll need to allow longer for it to be delivered.

    If the item has been sent, then send a message through your account to let our Customer Service team know and they’ll be happy to help.

    Payment and Discounts

    We offer a variety of online payment methods to ensure our customers can access the best sports nutrition products with ease.


    Visa Debit



    American Express

    You can select your preferred payment method at checkout. As we take fraud very seriously, you will face validation and authorisation by us and the card issuer.

    This is just so we can keep our customers safe!

    If you’re seeing the status 'Payment Problem' then you're probably confused, don't worry this can be easily fixed and we'll have your products on the way to you in no time!

    Before re-entering any card details you'll need to make sure that the expiry date and billing address are correct. We also recommend checking funds in the account.

    If you've done all that and still can't fix the problem then please contact our Customer Service team who'd be happy to help.

    Once you place an order, the payment will show in your account as pending until we send the products to you. 

    The pending transaction is telling you that the payment is authorised to be taken.

    If you want to add new payment details then you’ll need to do this at the checkout stage. 

    Your new card details will be saved once your order has been placed. This means that next time around you can order your favourite supplements with ease.

    We like to make things as easy for you as possible, including getting discount off your favourite sports nutrition products.

    Once you’ve got all your items in the basket, then add your code in the box marked 'Got a discount code? Enter it here'. Clicking 'Use Code' will apply the discount.

    If the code doesn’t work then you’ll need to check you’re not trying to use more than one offer, you can only use one per order. 

    Still having problems? You can contact our Customer Service team through your account.

    We’re sorry to hear your code isn’t working!

    If the code is valid and you’re not trying to use more than one code per order then contact our Customer Service team through your account.


    We send you an email as soon as your order is on the way, so that you can find out when it will arrive.

    For tracked orders, use the tracking link provided in your email or located in your account to check where your order is.

    Have you checked for any delivery cards? Your parcel may have been left somewhere safe, such as with a neighbour or been taken to a local depot.

    Our Delivery Information page can give you more information and timescales.

    If you do need to report your order as lost then please contact our Customer Service through your account.

    All our delivery options can be found on our Delivery Information page.

    Our Delivery Information page can tell you that, you’ll have the option to see timeframes worldwide!

    Don’t worry, if your order cannot fit through the letterbox or requires a signature then you should receive a calling card.

    This card is from the courier and lets you know where your parcel is and how you can collect it.

    Returns and Refunds

    Please refer to our returns policy page for more information.

    If this doesn’t answer your question then our Customer Service team is on hand to help. You can contact them through your account.

    We try not to make things complicated, log-into your account to contact our Customer Service team and they’ll do the rest.

    You’ll need to tell them the reason for the return so they can choose the best option for you. 

    Please refer to our returns policy page for more information.

    We want all of our customers to enjoy their products so if you’re not happy with your order then you can send it back to us.

    All we ask is that you let us know that you don’t want the order within 14 days of receipt and make sure the products have not been opened.

    To get the order back to us safely please to log-in to your account and contact our Customer Service team.

    They’ll send you all the information you need, but you can also refer to our returns policy page for more information.

    As soon as we receive your order we’ll review the reason for return and let you know what we plan to do next.

    You should receive an email to notify you of any action taken.

    In order to be eligible for a full refund please make sure that all accessories and components are sent back with the bike in as new condition. This includes any chargers for electronic group-sets, tools, reflectors and the bell. Failure to return all of the goods can result in the value of the missing parts being deducted from the refund.

    Your refund should be returned to your account within 5 working days and we’ll send you an email to let you know it’s on its way!

    If you don’t receive your refund and it’s been 10 working days since you received our email, then you’ll need to contact our Customer Service team through your account.


    Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

    If you’re having problems accessing the checkout or any part of our website, then please get in contact with our Customer Service team straight away so we can fix this for you!

    Please refer to our Privacy Policy page.

    You have the right to ask about what personal data we hold about you. 

    To make this request you can email us through your account.

    Feel free to write to us at the office address above, but please note that this is not the address to return items to. If you need to return a product to us, please contact Customer Service who will advise you how to proceed.

    Insync Customer Service Department

    1-2 The Stables

    Gadbrook Park


    CW9 7RA

    Technical Support

    The bike and its components are covered under a two-year warranty, excluding wearing parts. Wearing parts include bearings, seals, cables, cable housing, all lubricants, oil, grease and brake fluid, chain, sprocket, chainrings, brake pads, tyres, bar grips and bar tape, derailleur hangers, among others. 

    Please note: Warranty is applicable only to the 1st Owner. This does not include Outlet bikes (Refurbished bikes sold directly by us, which have the same warranty terms as new Insync bikes but for 6 months tenure.

    Damage to paintwork or anodising is not covered in this time. We reserve the right to repair defective frames and forks or to replace them with a corresponding successor models. Our guarantee starts from the date of purchase and is only valid for the original owner of the bike. The guarantee only covers the above, other costs such as assembly, transport, etc. are not covered.

    Damage caused by incorrect or unintended use, such as negligence (lack of care and maintenance), crashes, excessive stress and modifications to the frame or fork including the installation of additional components is not covered by the guarantee. The guarantee also does not cover damage from jumps or overuse of other kinds.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    At Insync we are constantly seeking to improve our after-sales services and offer all of our riders the assistance they need once their bike has been ordered.

    Exchange & Returns: We hope our customers love any product they buy from us, but in the event an item needs exchanging we've created an online form to ensure your query is handled as efficiently as possible. You can find the online form here in your account.

    Workshop: If your bike has been damaged or just needs a proper tune up, the highly skilled mechanics at our workshop in Wardley, Manchester are standing by to get you and your bike out riding as quickly as possible.

    Customer service: We're always expanding our customer support centre to better assist you in whatever way we can. If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Bikes have gears for the same reason cars do; to let the engine work at a comfortable and efficient speed. A car’s engine works well at a wide range of speeds, while your bike’s human engine is best in a fairly narrow band of pedalling rates. Bikes therefore need a wide range of gears to cope with hills, and they need to be fairly close to each other.

    Most bikes use external gear mechanisms, known as derailleurs, to move the chain around different sized toothed wheels called the 'cassette’, on the wheel and ‘chainrings’ at the pedal end. The smaller the chainring, or the larger the rear sprocket on the cassette, the lower and easier the gear.

    Another common type of gear system hides the mechanism inside the rear hub. Called ‘hub gears’, these are eminently practical and tidy but don’t have quite the wide range of ratios provided by derailleurs and carry a weight penalty.

    Many beginner riders find the gears the most daunting feature of their bikes. Get yourself to a flat, quiet place like a car park or bike path and shift up and down through the gears until you're completely confident with how they work and what they do.

    You’ve got to be able to stop quickly and in control. 

    Quickly is no problem; the brakes on modern bikes are powerful enough that your ability to brake is limited by the laws of physics. Brake too hard and you’ll go over the bars. What you want is fine control over how hard you brake, and consistency in wet and dry conditions.

    Brakes either act on the rim of the wheel or a braking disc which is attached to the hub. 

    Rim brakes are simple, but braking is affected by water on the rim, while disc brakes are more complex but provide more consistent and powerful braking.

    Drop handlebars were developed for road racing, and work brilliantly if you want to get into a position on the bike that lets you cover a lot of ground quickly. In fact, they offer at least three hand positions, so you can move around if you get tired of one stance. 

    But many riders like the more upright position of a flat handlebar, especially for more leisurely riding, where you can sit up and admire the view — or in traffic.

    Wider flat bars give better control on rough surfaces, which is why they're the universal choice of mountain bikers, but for riding on the road it’s worth trying both. 

    Drop bars may look less comfortable, but for sportier riding the position can be more comfortable.

    In short, yes. Experts recommend at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise (such as riding a bike hard enough that you get a little out of breath) at least three times per week to maintain basic fitness and health. 

    How much fitter you get than that will depend on how much cycling you do. It’s surprisingly easy to build your fitness up gradually and realise that you’re suddenly capable of riding for miles and miles.

    One of the details that affects the price of a bike is its groupset, which refers to mechanical components like the shifters, chain, and cassette. Some of the pricier ones might weigh less and shift a bit more smoothly, but it’s not necessarily worth your extra dollars if you’re a cycling novice—so inquiring might help you choose a less expensive (but still fantastic for you) option.

    Child Safety

    Children should be able to sit on the bicycle seat, hands on the handlebars, and have the balls of their feet touch the ground. Don’t select a bike for your child to 'grow into.' Foot-operated brakes, rather than hand brakes, are safest for younger children.

    The helmet should sit on top of the head in a level position and not rock forward, backward, or side to side. The helmet straps should form a V under the ears, and should be snug but comfortable.

    Are the brakes working properly, the gears shifting smoothly, and the tires tightly secured and properly inflated?

    It’s important to wear a bright shirt, jacket, or vest, even during daylight hours. Front white lights, rear red lights, and other light reflectors should be placed on the bicycle and worn by the cyclist.

    Night riding requires skills that most children haven’t acquired.

    Cyclists need to be able to hear oncoming traffic and be fully focused on hazards.

    Ride on the right side of roads, in the same direction as other vehicles. (Almost one fourth of bicycle-car collisions result from bicyclists riding against traffic.) Obey all traffic signs, signals, and lane markings. Use hand signals when turning.

    They may open their doors or pull out unexpectedly.

    It can get caught in bike chains or wheel spokes.

    Be sure that they’re paying attention before crossing in front of them or pulling into their lane. Just because you can see a driver doesn’t mean they can see you.


    Many beginners want to be able to put a foot flat on the ground while sitting in the saddle. The problem is that puts your saddle too low for comfortable, efficient pedalling.

    With your saddle too low, you’ll get tired quicker. For an enjoyable ride, you should have your saddle high enough that your knee is at a 25- to 35-degree angle when your foot is at the bottom of the pedal’s rotation.

    It will look like the knee is not quite fully straight. On most bikes you’ll still be able to reach the ground from the saddle in this position; you may have to shuffle sideways a little.


    Equipment: Spirit level, ruler and a helper.

    Important: Take this measurement without shoes

    1. Stand up straight against a wall.

    2. Place the spirit level on your head, ensuring that you keep it horizontal.

    3. Measure and record the distance from the lower edge of the spirit level to the floor.


    The inseam is the distance from ground up into the crotch.

    Equipment: Spirit level, tape measure and a helper.

    1. Stand straight against a wall with your legs shoulder width apart. If you have a spirit level, you don't have to be against a wall.

    2. Tuck the spirit level between your legs.

    3. Using both hands, pull the spirit level up, firmly into your croth. Try to reproduce the pressure of sitting on a saddle while holding the spirit level horizontally.

    4. Measure and record the distance from the upper edge of the spirit level to the ground.


    Equipment: Tape measure, a dowel and a helper.

    1. Let your right arm hang down loosely and reach over with your left hand to grasp your shoulder blade over the shoulder bone.

    2. Find this point with your left hand.

    3. Grab the dowel with your right hand and make a fist, simulating the grip on the handlebar.

    4. Stretch out your right arm horizontally.

    5. Rotate your first until the dowel points upwards.

    6. Measure and record the distance from a point at the edge of your shoulder bone (already fixed by your left hand) to the middle of the dowel.


    Equipment: Ruler and a helper.

    1. Feel your way outwards from your shoulder blade until your reach the edge of the shoulder bone. You'll be able to feel this during arm movement.

    2. With a straight body and outstretched arms, measure and record the outermost shoulder bone on the left to the outermost shoulder bone on the right.


    Equipment: Spirit level, ruler and a helper.

    1. Tuck the spirit level between your legs, keeping your torso straight and arms by your side.

    2. Measure and record the distance from the upper edge of the spirit level vertically up to the base of the neck, at the breastbone. Keep the spirit level in a horizontal position.

    The measurements needed are your height, weight, inseam, arm length, shoulder width and torso length.

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