Viking and The Heritage of Cycling

The Viking Cycle Company was an British bicycle company. Founded in 1908 as a bicycle repair shop in Woverhampton, it became a manufacturer and sponsored a racing team.

After the war production rose from about 800 cycles a year in the late 1940s to more than 20,000 in 1963, Viking became the city’s largest-ever bicycle manufacturer.

Today’s Viking has all these qualities and more, the range now encompasses a much bigger selection of types of bike to suit the ever increasing demands of changing lifestyles and modern environments.

Using all the modern technical developments of today’s manufacturing and lightweight materials, the new Viking bikes are ready to face the next hundred years. The modern day Viking is about being “insync” with yourself, celebrating contemporary lifestyle with deep-rooted values and respect for cycling heritage and the world in which we live.

We are proud to revive this heritage rich brand and feature it centre stage within our family of Insync bicycles.


Insync Team

Insync Team

Writer and expert