Q&A with Patrick Robinson

Patrick Robinson is a professional mountain bike rider, and has travelled the world with his first love – bikes! He has competed at the highest level and this week we sat down with him to find out about more about him and what he loves about cycling.

What got you into cycling?

Someone lived just down the road from me on my street. He taught me some tricks and invited me to some dirt jumps. I persuaded my parents to let me go! I got hooked from there and learnt how to jump a bike and was inspired by friends. When I left school and I was looking for a college to go to, I decided to choose the one next to a skate park so I could cycle after lessons! I had the intention of joining the navy but left college wanting to be a pro-rider.

What is the most memorable competition you took part in?

Well my first competition was a BMX competition at a skate park but the one that stands out was the 2016 Street Velodrome competition. I was competing against some top riders and had a lot of 2nd and 3rd places in the past so I wasn’t expecting to win. When it happened, it was quite meaningful. I’d doubted myself until that moment so I see it as a definitive turning point in my career as I knew I could push myself in cycling and in sport.

Who is your role model on the track?

Am I allowed to say 2?

Nicholi Rogatkin – he’s a good rider but I’ve always admired how down to earth and friendly he is for someone is. The limelight doesn’t seem to have changed him.

Thomas Slavik – his mindset is all about training which is inspiring to me. He knows he isn’t the fastest but works tirelessly to reach his goals and achieve. This motivates me.

If you had to invite 5 people to a dinner party, who would it be?

  1. Christiano Ronaldo, as I imagine he has some inspiring stories
  2. Johnny Depp for his humour and because I love Pirates of the Caribbean!
  3. Taylor Swift because I’ve always had a bit of a crush on her – maybe one day I’ll get to meet her
  4. Margot Robbie because of her incredible acting alongside Leo in the Wolf of Wall Street

What’s your favourite trail in the UK?

Good question, I’m going to say Grenoside Woods in Sheffield – very fast, very hilly, very accessible and a good number of other cyclists there to interact. It was built by Steve Peat who is a legend in the sport. It’s one of the first MTB trails I rode and I still go and do it whenever I’m back. They have a race there every year which I’ve never won nor ever competed in! It sells out so fast and I never get my application in on time.


Grenoside Woods in Sheffield


You do the downhill race in Puerto Vallarta every year without fail. What is it about the race and about Mexico that keeps you going back?

The crowd, the atmosphere. 30,000 people shouting and screaming for you as you go downhill. The feeling it brings is crazy. A great environment – the top 30/40 riders in the world get invited. Because it’s such a difficult and treacherous trail, everyone helps each other and there’s a great community spirit. It feels less competitive than the other events, there is no pressure to do anything. The goal is to have fun which makes it one of the most fun events to go to. When you get to the bottom to greet your buddies, it’s an achievement just knowing you’ve completed such a difficult course. I’ll 100% be back next year.

What item (excluding your bike!) would you not be able to live without?

Camera equipment as I love to capture memories. I like to video / photograph places to look back on where I have travelled to.

You’ve expressed a lot of love for Mexico. Where in the world do you most enjoy travelling to?

  1. Mexico – it’s a passionate place. The people and the food is hard to beat
  2. Malaga in southern Spain – there is a lot of riding out there
  3. Sydney, Australia – Bondi beach

[Where’s best for riding?] Malaga – so many riding trails – skate parks, very accessible, got the weather for it all year round.

Malaga, Spain (June 2018)

You’ve recently been testing out the Riddick RD900, how was it and how has it performed compared to some of the other bikes on the market at a similar price point?

From the first couple of rides, I was surprised how well it handles on the downhill technical sections. It has the geometry to go downhill quickly and how lightweight it is makes it easy for uphill climbs too. I raced the bike this weekend, I made no changes to the bike before racing so I think for a bike to come from new build to podium is a fantastic achievement.

And for its price and componentry, it’s a bit of a steal.

What advice would you have for someone entering the sport for the first time?

Get protection! You don’t want to be injured. Also go out there with the goal just to have fun. Don’t feel you have to do it a certain way or certain speed – it’s the most important thing. As long as you are having fun, you’ll find your own style.

What are your cycling ambitions?

To get to more competitions and inspire more people to take up riding. My top goal is to ride in the Red Bull Rampage. For me that’s the pinnacle event. Once I’ve ridden that, I can whole heartedly say ‘cycling – completed it!’. [How far off that are you?] Hopefully 1-2 years! I’m getting closer every year, things are going in the right direction. I need to keep practising, improving and proving I am good enough to get there and get the results.

Finally, what do you think about the Insync team so far?

I like what it stands for, the beliefs, how it inspires people to get into cycling and how they aim to challenge the market with well made bikes. The design team are great too! They listen and are always open to suggestions.

Thank you for your time Patrick!

You can check out Patrick riding the world on his Insync bikes on Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

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