How To Build A Childs Bike Out Of The Box – Denovo

Alex takes us through a step by step guide to building your child’s bike straight from the box. Bikes often come pre-assembled from the factory so it’s important to know how to build your bike, particularly your child’s bike where safety is paramount.

It’s generally very straightforward and all tools are supplied with the Denovo range. Hit play and let Insync TV’s Alex take you through it.



Hi guys. Welcome back to Insync TV, my name’s Alex.

Now Mums and Dads listen very carefully because today we will be building a Denovo children’s bike straight out of the box.

  • First off, we need to open the box. Just snip any tie wraps around the box and also be very careful of any sharp staples.
  • Now you’ve got the bike out of the box all we need to do now is just clear off all of this protective cardboard. Taking a pair of scissors, just cut all a bits of tape being very careful not to cut any cables.

Now we’ve got all the packaging off the bag it’s time to fit the parts:

  • First one: the handlebars. These are really simple. Slide them straight down into the forks then just tie up the bolt on the top. Tip: Don’t over tighten it because you might want to adjust it later on just to make sure that the child feels comfortable on the bike
  • Next up: the front wheel. First, disconnect the front brake by lifting the cable out of the connector. Then insert the front wheel into the dropouts and tighten. Finally, reattach the cable and reconnect the brake. The tires come inflated on the wheels see all you need to do is just check the tire pressure making sure it’s not too hard or soft. The tire PSI can be found on the sidewall.
  • To add the seat: just slide the seat into the seat tube. Then tighten the release on the tube.
  • Last but not least are the pedals. These are marked up left and right. Slide each onto each side of the crank arm and tighten.

Final checks:

  • Make sure all the bolts and releases are tight.
  • Adjust the seat height & angle
  • Ensure that the tires are inflated.

And that’s it! You should be all good to go. If you need any more information on the Denovo bike range, please head over to Insync Bikes.


Insync Team

Insync Team

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